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Oh no, Polar Teddy accidentally dropped Santa’s presents into the washing machine! Teddy and Polar Teddy must tag-team their way through 65 new levels to find all the presents using the new Freezing Mechanic. However, not all the toys have come away unscathed: the two Teddies must battle a broken Toy Robot and his dangerous Lasers.

- 40 levels Polar Teddy levels featuring the new Freezing mechanic.

- 25 Toy Robot levels.

- Play with both Teddy and Polar Teddy at the same time.

- 8 unlockable bonus images including a Christmas poem from the developers.

- Festive Santa outfit for Teddy to be used in all levels.

Try Teddy Tumble for free today on iOS and Android.

Teddy Tumble Halloween DLC now available for iOS and Android

What’s better than a bag full of candy on Halloween? New content for your favorite teddy bear game Teddy Tumble, of course.

D7 Games is proud to announce its first level pack for Teddy Tumble. The pack contains 60 new levels for you to conquer as well as a new costume for Teddy, all inspired by the Halloween holiday.

Check out either the Android or iOS versions at

Teddy Tumble Released for iPhone/iPad

D7 Games is happy to announce the release of Teddy Tumble for the iPhone/iPad!

Teddy Tumble is a platform-puzzle game that will test your skill and logic across 105 levels of washing machine action. Players spin the washing machine to Teddy navigate the stage and gather detergent to provide the ultimate clean to clothes.

Five different sections of gameplay keep the fun new and interesting, while 25 challenge levels will push your spin skills to their limits.

Teddy Tumble is available for free on the iTunes App Store as a universal app: Teddy Tumble Game

For more information on Teddy Tumble, visit the game’s official website.

More Hilarious Hi Jinx From Your Favorite Studio

We just finished the edit of our latest skit, based on our game Vampire Surgeon. Check it out and let us know what you think.

DiscoTech is now on Android

D7 is proud to announce the arrival of DiscoTech to the Android Marketplace.

DiscoTech is a tilt-controlled, fully 3D platform game where players control their onscreen disco ball from a third-person perspective. Immersed in a psychedelic boogie-down universe where the music never stops, players must steer their disco ball to the finish while avoiding lasers, disappearing dance floor tiles, and swinging hammers. In order to navigate and escape this labyrinth of funk, players must also find switches to mysterious trap doors and teleport through portals to unlock different sectors of each maze.

Search for DiscoTech in the Android Marketplace and get it now.

DiscoTech: Put Some Disco in Your Life

Stan Lee

The Traveler is here! D7 Games is proud to announce that the full version of our iPhone/iPad app is in stores now. Stan Lee’s The Traveler lets you play as the mysterious hero known only as The Traveler. Defend innocent civilians from the villains known as the Split Second Men. Guide the bystanders through the levels to safety and use your time power to keep them safe from dangerous obstacles. Get you copy in the app store now!

Stan Lee

D7 is proud to announce the release of our newest game: Stan Lee’s The Traveler in Split Second Mayhem.

Play as The Traveler and protect innocent civilians that are being targeted by the evil Split Second Men. Use your time powers to the help innocents dodge steel girders, wrecking balls, and even taxis as they make their way to safety.

We’ve been keeping this quiet for the last 6 months, and we’re very happy to finally get to tell someone. Let us know what you think. Post a review in the app store or send it to us here.

Here is the link to the lite version, the full version is coming very soon.

Announcing: DiscoTech

Do you like Disco? Do you like labyrinth games? Do you like bananas? Well, there aren’t any bananas in this. But we do have the other two. DiscoTech puts a Disco twist on those old wooden labyrinth games that you’re used to. Explore brightly colored levels, avoid perilous obstacles, and make it to the finish. Sound groovy? Find more details on the DiscoTech page here.

Game On! Austin sponsored by the Chronicle

Congrats to GameCraft winners

We’d like to thank the members of The University of Texas’ Electronic Game Developers Society(EGaDS) for showing us that there are still fresh and unique game ideas out there. Ruben, Chris and I trekked onto campus to help judge this semester’s GameCraft competition. Ruben and?I joined Dominic Craig from Edge of Reality and Johnny Chu from Total Immersion Software.

The contestants presented their game ideas to be judged in presentation, marketability, originality, and soundness of concept. The contestants were Catherine Hillin’s fantasy-RPG Ametris; Aaron Belcher’s monster-collecting-fantasy-RTS, Familiar; Remington Kutowy’s randomized-horror-mystery, The Pact; Nabil Hussein’s story-driven-bullet-hell-SHMUP, Leukocyte; and John Garcia and Melody Bolton’s moody-platformer,Dawn of Dreams.

The judges pulled no punches: calling into question missing game features, nonsensical sales graphs, and odd story choices. At the end of he night, however, I was energized by the enthusiasm and new ideas of each contestant.

We were proud to hand out $100, $30, and $20 ‘Happy Birthday,’ Best Buy gift cards to the respective winners:

1st – John Garcia and Melody Bolton’s Dawn of Dreams.
2nd – Remington Kutowy’s The Pact.
3rd – Aaron Belcher’s Familiar.

Congratulations, guys. I hope you all take our criticisms and refine your ideas.

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