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DiscoTech is now on Android

D7 is proud to announce the arrival of DiscoTech to the Android Marketplace.

DiscoTech is a tilt-controlled, fully 3D platform game where players control their onscreen disco ball from a third-person perspective. Immersed in a psychedelic boogie-down universe where the music never stops, players must steer their disco ball to the finish while avoiding lasers, disappearing dance floor tiles, and swinging hammers. In order to navigate and escape this labyrinth of funk, players must also find switches to mysterious trap doors and teleport through portals to unlock different sectors of each maze.

Search for DiscoTech in the Android Marketplace and get it now.

DiscoTech: Put Some Disco in Your Life

Announcing: DiscoTech

Do you like Disco? Do you like labyrinth games? Do you like bananas? Well, there aren’t any bananas in this. But we do have the other two. DiscoTech puts a Disco twist on those old wooden labyrinth games that you’re used to. Explore brightly colored levels, avoid perilous obstacles, and make it to the finish. Sound groovy? Find more details on the DiscoTech page here.

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